I'm Melanie East, newborn photographer, educator and published author.


I have over ten years experience in teaching both aspiring and professional newborn photographers and 18 years experience in running a successful newborn photography business.


I have taught throughout the UK and all around the world including The Cayman Islands, Italy, France, Spain, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Canada and The Netherlands to name a few.


I'm highly qualified having attained associateship with the British Institute of Professional Photography.


I am an international print competition Judge and have judged a host of international photography awards.


If you would like to learn how to safely light, pose and photograph newborn babies, then you need me.


And I would love to teach you.

image of a baby wrapped in cream for Melanie East newborn photography training



Imagine if you could spend your time creating beautiful photographs of newborn babies.


What if you could create a profitable career, where you can work the hours you wish, perhaps around your family? Maybe you just want to work a couple of weekdays to begin with and then build from there. Maybe you want to change career.


You can.


That's exactly what I did - lawyer to professional photographer.

18 years later and I've never looked back.


Let me teach you how.


Whether just starting out, or a professional looking to refine images, my One to One Tuition will be perfect for you.




You can expect a warm welcome and non judgmental teaching delivered in a concise and easy to understand manner.


I teach with each individual in mind and will speak with you before the day so that I can understand how you learn best. Some photographers prefer to shoot with me guiding them. Some photographers prefer just to take notes, watch me and not to shoot at all. Whichever works for you, is what will work for me.


Whether you are a complete beginner or a professional wanting to learn to refine your skills, there is no such thing as a silly question.


The day can be split into shooting and editing, or we can spend the entire day shooting depending on which you would prefer.


We always have a newborn baby to model for us.







Examples of what we could cover include:




  • The studio environment
  • Equipment
  • Camera settings
  • Lighting
  • Safe posing
  • Wrapping
  • Soothing and keeping baby calm throughout
  • Prop set up
  • Styling the shoot
  • Textures and tones
  • How to create a gallery of images which flows
  • Creating with minimal props
  • Correct shooting angles
  • Gaining maximum images without disturbing baby
  • Parent images
  • Engaging with parents to create parent and baby shots
  • Finding your set up and shooting style
  • Editing and finding your editing style
  • The use of overlays, textures and actions

(I use Lightroom or ACR and Photoshop)



  • The client experience
  • Finding your target market (Who and where they are)
  • The cost of doing business
  • Pricing
  • Confidence strategies
  • Marketing strategies
  • How to stand out in a saturated market
  • The importance of the printed product
  • Selling your images and products (and it isn't when you think)



I teach in a clear, concise and simplified manner.

My aim is for every single delegate to succeed and to be proud of the images they produce. Many of my delegates have become award winning photographers themselves.

Newborn baby wrapped up and nestled in a cosy soft heart photographed by newborn photography trainer Melanie East


A day of tuition with me is £750

Two days tuition is £1200


Days are always tailor made to your exact requirements.

Ready to Book?

Just send me an email or give me a call.

We will talk about what what stage you are at now, and where you would like to be so that a day can be truly tailor made for you. Tailor made days always produce the best learning experience.