Natural Newborn Photography in Bristol

If you are looking for natural newborn photography in Bristol then I am the photographer for you.

I specialise in baby led photography, which means that your baby is never put into highly unnatural poses.  Sessions are taken at the baby’s speed and plenty of time is given for feeding and settling.

Here I set out a brief guide to the benefits of natural newborn photography.

Title: Capturing Authentic Moments: A Guide to Natural  Newborn Photography in Bristol

When you welcome  a newborn into the world it is a remarkable experience filled with precious moments waiting to be cherished.   My photographs offer  glimpses into the innocence and beauty of early life. Natural newborn photography  focuses on capturing genuine moments as they unfold, allowing the baby to guide the session.

Natural baby-led newborn photography is a style that emphasizes capturing the authentic essence of a newborn without posing them into unnatural positions or settings. Instead, it revolves around allowing the baby to dictate the flow of the session, capturing their natural movements, expressions, and interactions with their environment and loved ones.

Key Elements of Natural Baby-Led Newborn Photography:


Patience and Observation:

Patience is paramount in natural baby-led newborn photography.  When I am photographing I wait for those fleeting moments that reveal the baby’s unique personality.

I observe the baby’s cues and behaviours.  This is crucial to enable me to capture genuine expressions and interactions.  From the subtle smiles to curious gazes, each moment is precious and important to preserve




Creating a Comfortable Environment:

I always prioritize the baby’s comfort which is essential for a successful session.  My studio environment is warm, quiet, and soothing.

I use soft lighting and minimalistic props such as layers and fabrics which can enhance the beauty of the photographs while keeping the focus on the baby.

I embrace spontaneity by capturing the raw emotions and connections between the baby and their family members, resulting in authentic images that tell a story.  My photographs ensure you will always remember the expressions which makes your baby unique.

I involve family members, when they wish to take part.  Family involvement adds depth and meaning to newborn photography sessions. Siblings and parents can participate which will make for wonderfully emotive pictures.

I encourage natural interactions and emotions which fosters genuine connections that translate beautifully into photographs.

Your baby does not need to be asleep for these sessions.   This ensures a shorter session as I do not need to wait for your baby to fall into a deep sleep.


photography of newborn baby looking at camera.  Baby is wearing a white bonnet.  Photographed by Melanie East Photography


Timeless and Authentic Images:

As I let your baby guide the session, I will capture genuine emotions which not only reflect the baby’s personality but also  their individuality – the way they put their hands to their mouth, or their stretches and yawns, or their lovely gazes to camera.  Or their sleepy looks.  Not only does this mean my images are authentic but also they are more story telling than the more posed newborn photographs.    As can be seen from my photographs, I will photograph your baby using natural and beautiful fabrics with lovely soft textures.  This will give interest to the photographs without taking the focus from your baby.

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