When will it be safe for me to photograph newborn babies?

A question I am being asked a lot at the moment is “when will it be safe for me to photograph newborn babies”.


Safety is *always* my top priority with clients.   It is one of the main values of my business.   My clients *know* that I will never ever take risks with their babies or children.  With that in mind therefore, I will be ultra careful as to when I reopen to photograph in the studio.   We know that social distancing is very important.  It is impossible to carry out social distancing as a newborn photographer.  This is because the nature of our work means we are touching babies in order to pose them.


We also know that there is a new complication with babies and children related to Covid-19.  When newborn photographers photograph babies in their studios, they have to ensure that the room is warm enough – and warmer than it would be at home as often babies are photographed not wearing a huge amount.  A very warm atmosphere in a room is not what we want for a virus.


With the above in mind, therefore,  I will of course be watching the government advice very carefully.  The most important thing for me is that you and your babies and children remain safe and healthy.  I will therefore not be offering *in studio* sessions until I believe it is safe enough.    There is no date for that at the moment.  We have to watch the infection rate figures that the government are giving us very carefully.   As soon as I have a date to reopen for in studio sessions, I’ll be sure to post about it!  Trust me – you’ll know my answer to “when will it be safe for me to photograph newborn babies” as soon as I know!


I will be able to offer outdoor (non newborn) sessions much sooner than in-studio sessions.  As soon as the government allows us to meet more than one person who is not a family member outside our home I can offer socially distancing portrait sessions outdoors.   Watch out for another post on that!


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