Your Questions

Q.  Are you qualified?

A.  Yes! I am one of the most highly qualified newborn photographers in the UK, holding my associateship in newborn photography with the Master Photographers Association. I was also the first in the UK to receive the Newborn Certification in safety.


Q. You aren’t the cheapest, so why should we choose you?

A. I’m at the top of the field when it comes to newborn photography.  I’m very highly qualified in the specialist field of newborn photography, as explained above and  I have undertaken hours and hours and hours of training.  I now also teach newborn photographers throughout Europe.  There is nothing I don’t know about newborn photography, including newborn cues, sleep patterns and the all important safety aspects.   When you choose me, you can be assured that you are choosing a newborn photographer who has the safety of your baby as their top priority.  There is a trend at the moment for newborn photographers to pop babies into buckets or props and then video them and put that video on Instagram of Facebook.  I don’t do that, because my priority is your baby’s safety and newborns should *never* be left in props or buckets unattended at any time, not even for a second.


Q. Do you have lots of props and items or do we need to bring our own?

A. I have everything you could possibly need during your newborn session including nappies and water wipes, cotton wool and tepid boiled water.  I also have a huge variety of knitwear, blankets and props, bonnets and hats from which you can choose.


Q. Can you theme the images to match our colour scheme at home?

A. Absolutely and I actively encourage this.  I will prepare a range of set ups to suit the colours you would like.  The emphasis is always on the baby so I don’t tend to use overly fussy props.


Q. Will you put the images online for us to look at?

A.  I don’t host images online, because I like my clients to view their images as they are intended, which is on a properly colour calibrated screen which is a decent size.  Therefore I ask that clients come back to me for their viewing and ordering session approximately one week after their shoot.  I guarantee absolutely no hard sell.


Q. Do you sell the digital images?

A.  We live in a world where new babies and growing children don’t exist in print.  They exist on iPhones and computers and USB sticks.  Parents have good intentions but never find the time to have their images properly printed.   With that in mind, my clients invest in tangible products, whether that is an album, framed portraits, art blocks, prints or my Reveal Boxes.  Many products come with the digital images included.


Q. How do we book?

A. Drop me an email to with your due date (if you would like a newborn session) and we will set a date in the diary for approximately 7 days after your due date.  Most clients book just after their 20 week scan to ensure availability as I often get booked up months in advance.