Black and white wedding photography

Black and white wedding photography should form an important part of your gallery of images.

It has a timeless and classic appeal and will never date.

The addition of black and white photography has a certain charm about it –  and adds depth and emotion to the images.

One of the main benefits of black and white wedding photography is that it allows the focus to be on the emotion and connection between the couple.  Sometimes an image will look far better in black and white than it does in colour. The lack of colour allows the viewer to connect more deeply with the subjects and feel the emotion that is being captured.      It is also fabulous for the preparation shots when the room may be a little messy – and while some photographers say to have the bridesmaids tidy the room before the photographer arrives, I don’t believe in disrupting the flow of the fun during the preparation.  I’ll work around the bride and the bridesmaids, rather than them having work around me.

I absolutely love how the emotion is almost tangible in black and white wedding photography.    Images become emotive art.

Of course there are some photographs which absolutely should be only in colour – the flowers and decor, for example.   I would estimate I probably include around 20% to 30% of black and white images in a wedding gallery.    I will know which will be back and white when I shoot the images as in my mind’s eye.

In conclusion, black and white wedding photography is a beautiful and timeless choice for any couple and therefore I always include a mix of colour and black and white within the wedding gallery.  My clients absolutely love it!

Here are some examples from previous weddings showing the beauty of black and white.

Black and white photograph of a bride entering the church walking up the aisle.

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