The wedding detail shots

The wedding detail shots may seem like a small part of your wedding photography, but they can actually add a lot of depth and character to your final photo album. These types of shots focus on the little details and decor elements that help bring your wedding day vision to life.

You will have no doubt been planning these details for months on end and it’s therefore vital they are photographed!

Here are a few reasons why these images should be an important part of your wedding photography:

  1. They capture the unique elements of your wedding: Detail shots allow you to showcase the special details and personal touches that made your wedding day yours.  This can include your wedding dress, shoes, jewellery, and other accessories, as well as decor elements like centerpieces, place settings, and chair corsages.
  2. They tell the story of your wedding day: In addition to capturing the usual  moments of your wedding, detail shots help tell the story of your day by showcasing the smaller, but still meaningful, details.
  3. They add visual interest to your photo album and final gallery: Detail shots add variety and interest and they break up the more traditional posed shots. These types of images can also be particularly beautiful when captured up close – I often use a macro lens, particularly on jewellery shots.

Overall, detail shots may seem like a small part of your wedding photography, but they can actually have a big impact on the final gallery.  I think they are really important.

Attention to detail is prevalent in all my work. Please look at examples of my work which can be found here.  If you would like to have a chat then please send me an email.

wedding detail shots taken by Bristol wedding photographer Melanie East.  Image shows wedding and engagement rings, a pearl pendant and a Dolce and Gabana perfume bottle

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