Natural Newborn Baby Photography

As mentioned in my previous post, I also offer natural newborn baby photography.


Natural newborn baby photography is a style of photography where your newborn baby is photographed just doing what they do.  The stretching, yawning, little expressions which make them who they are.   When I carry out natural newborn photography I do this using whites.  This offers a fresh light and airy look to the images.  Your baby is photographed wearing a simple white vest (which I ask you to bring).   I aim to create a gallery of images which show you what your baby did in those early days.  You will forever be able to remember the little stretches, or how your baby touched their face in a particular way.   You will be able to remember the gorgeous yawns and expressions and how tiny they were.


The session time for a natural photography session is approximately 1 hour 15 minutes.  It is shorter than a posed session – this is because there is no need for baby to be asleep.  Often a baby may arrive asleep and I will photograph then asleep to begin with, then as they wake I continue to photograph which is when we get these gorgeous little expressions and stretches.


Here is an example from a natural session. I caught this little one mid yawn and love it!


natural newborn baby photography


And another this time in colour and a different baby this time holding Mummy’s hands.  This is a lovely way for Mummy to still be part of the image if she doesn’t want to be fully photographed:


natural baby photography

Each of those images tell a different story,  The parents love them.

So whichever style is for you, whether posed, or natural like this I can create the most gorgeous images you’ll always adore of your newborn baby.   Do get in touch if you feel I’m the right photographer for you by clicking here.   If you are a photographer and you are looking for training from me then you need my other website which can be found by clicking here.

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