Awake newborn photography

I love sleeping newborn photography and I also love awake newborn photography.  It is true to say that many photographers like newborn babies to be asleep when they photograph them.  This is because a newborn will keep pretty still and can be placed easily without any fuss.   Many parents (including me) love the beauty and serenity of a sleeping newborn captured in a photograph.  I do think, however, that there can be too much emphasis placed on needing the baby to be fast asleep.  As long as a baby is content, without wind, with a full tummy many newborns are happy to be photographed awake.


I offer two styles of newborn photography.

One which is the posed style of newborn photography, and one where I capture baby very simply, photographing exactly what baby does.   Both styled are absolutely stunning – they are just very different.  I like to offer both so that you can choose while style you prefer.   I’l be posting another post about the less posed awake newborn photography in an upcoming blogpost.


This beautiful baby girl was adorable for me.  I captured this image while she looked straight at me, right before she closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep.   I adore her little face and gorgeous features!


Awake newborn photography

It has to be said that sometimes newborns just do not look at the camera but this adorable baby girl seemed fascinated.  I think that awake newborn photography definitely makes one connect with the baby in the image.  Unless I’m shooting using all white, I always ensure I use flattering colours and tones.  You will see from my newborn photography that I don’t use bright colours.  That isn’t to say that bright colours aren’t gorgeous.  For me, I prefer muted neutrals so that the resulting images can go anywhere in your home.  This is also very much my style. It’s important that a photographer stays true to their style so that they produce authentic work.


I am currently taking bookings for newborns due in January, February and March.


If you had your baby during lockdown I can still create the most beautiful images for you even if they are passed the newborn stage.  A blog post on that coming soon!    If you would like to see more of my newborn work please click here. 

If you are a photographer and you are interested in a tailor made 1:1 training day with me then you need my other site which may be found by clicking here.


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