Newborn photo shoots

I have carried out the most beautiful newborn photo shoots during last year.  So many that I haven’t actually blogged.  This is not good – but here I am again and ready to share images!


This gorgeous little one was such a cutie for me.   We wanted to create an image with a story and so decided to create a womb like pose.  Baby is in a felt heart (made by me) which tells the story of comfort, love and protection.   I adore this image in black and white. It’s emotive and the focus is purely on the baby.  Nothing distracts from the pure beauty and storytelling of this image.  I love this image so much that it’s now on my homepage of this website.


My style of photography is to have the baby first and foremost in the image.  I don’t use a huge amount of props such as flowers because I don’t want to detract from the main subject – which is the baby.  Many photographers do use lots of props, flowers, building blocks etc, but it just isn’t my style and I’m a great believer in staying true to your style.  It’s why my clients book me.   They know they will end up with the most beautiful and artist newborn photography, which will stand the test of time.  That’s very important to me.




My newborn photo shoots are very calm.  I’m a complete expert when it comes to handing newborn babies.  I lulled this little one into a very deep sleep and then positioned her exactly as I wanted her.  She didn’t stir once.   The studio is always heated and I take great care to ensure baby is not too warm, but not cold either.  The room is warmer than the average room, because babies lose heat quickly and it’s very important to ensure that baby is the correct temperature.  I know the exact humidity and temperature of the room via a thermostat and check it throughout the session.


Those that know me, know that I never take risks with newborn babies.  You really would be surprised how many do!  I’m not one of them.  Babies are always supported when necessary if in props and are never ever left unattended when in or on a prop.  Safety goes far beyond that though and I’ll deal with that in another blog post!  For now, do admire this most gorgeous baby!


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newborn photo shoots


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