My newborn photography sessions

My newborn photography sessions

My newborn photography sessions are calm and relaxed.  Let me tell you about me and my sessions.

I’m Melanie East, a specialist newborn photographer based in Bristol.   I love my job and have over 15 years experience of photographing newborn babies.  As a result I am very very experienced at what I do.  Newborn photography is an over saturated market with more newborn photographers than ever.  They are popping up all over the place.    So what can you expect from a newborn session with me?


The most important point of all.  I’m an expert in newborn safety.  Indeed I teach photographers all over the world in the safe posing of newborn babies.  I’m passionate about safety and it is one of my huge values.   I will never ever take risk with your newborn baby.  I know this sounds very obvious and that of course photographers shouldn’t take risks.   You’d be shocked to know that many photographers do though wouldn’t you?    The risks taken involve over wrapping babies and/or wrapping them too tightly which can affect their breathing (I know, doesn’t bear thinking about).  Leaving babies unattended in props? – Yes many photographers do that too.   Photographing babies in forward facing poses without having baby’s head supported at all times?  Yes, many do that too!   And did you know that hip dysplasia is not always picked up on discharge from the hospital?  In the intervening period, your baby may have had a newborn session where the photographer popped your baby into the “froggy pose”.  And without meaning to could dislocate your baby’s hips.  This is one of the reasons why the froggy pose does not form part of my workflow.  And these are just *some* of the risks.


My style is elegant and refined.   Baby is 100 percent safe all of the time.   My previous career as a lawyer means I don’t take *any* risk with your baby’s safety.   When I’m setting up for a newborn session I think very carefully about what it is my client wants.  Textures, tones, colours, they are all carefully considered so that I create the most gorgeous images for your home.   I don’t believe in over manipulating babies.  As a result you’ll see baby often on their back in the cosiest and softest fabrics.   You’ll see images which will last a lifetime and which are artworks.

BUT! I also offer a very natural style of newborn photography – where I photograph your baby doing what they are doing – using soft whites as the background.  That’s a whole separate blog post!


My sessions are very calm.  Babies rarely cry during them because I completely understand baby’s cues.  Whether it’s hunger, wind or something else, I anticipate so that baby doesn’t get to the stage where they start to cry.  Less than 5% of babies cry in my studio.  And if they do? Well, if they don’t need feeding by Mummy, then I can lull them back to sleep.    I’m not called “baby expert” and “baby whisperer” for nothing!


Oh I have the sweetest little outfits, bonnets and tie backs for your little one.  All hand made in the softest most luxurious materials.   I invest in the best for my newborn clients.   Parents love to see and choose from my selection.   Outfits are generally in muted colours as my style of photography is influenced by the countryside around me.  Therefore you can expect creams, whites, browns, shades of grey, muted blues.  I also have muted pinks for those who love pink for their baby girl.


Am I the cheapest?  No.  And if you are looking for cheap newborn photography then I am not for you.  This is because I invest in my work and my business and I’m highly experienced.   I teach newborn photographers all over the world – so you know that you are getting a very very experienced and *safe* newborn photographer.   My work is artwork.  It definitely is not cookie-cutter newborn photography.    All newborn photographers are not the same!   I attract clients who want to invest in luxury newborn photography resulting in the most beautiful images.  With the most beautiful products.

Am I the photographer for you?  Take a look at my portfolio by clicking here and then get in touch!  I’d love to hear from you, and together we can start to plan your session!


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