Newborn photography session – client perspective

If you are wondering what happens at a newborn photography session with me, then it may be useful to hear from one of my client’s perspectives.


Katie, who is the mummy of the twins featured in my previous blog post, shares how she felt about the newborn photography session with me, and the resulting images.


“…I was nervous because being a first time mum of not one but two babies, I didn’t want to turn up and be dealing with screaming babies in an unfamiliar environment as someone watched on.

As soon as we arrived at Melanie’s studio, I felt at so much ease in such a beautiful setting.   Her studio was warm and inviting.  One of the babies slept well during the shoot but the other really fought sleep.  However, that wasn’t an issue, as Melanie continued with Millie and also took Benjamin to try and help him sleep.   My partner and I learnt new tips on how to settle our new little ones.    Melanie continuously spoke to us about what she was doing and really involved us in the process.  It was such a relaxing experience and first and foremost,  I felt I could give my 2 week old babies to this incredible woman who really is like a fairy godmother when it comes to settling newborns.

Melanie posed the babies in such beautiful and natural ways.  She was incredibly gentle and was talking us about why she needed to do certain poses in a certain manner to be safe.  It was beautiful to see two babies posed in such beautiful ways.

I cried when I first saw the photos.  To see how flawless and innocent they looked was so moving.   I’d describe Melanie as gentle, caring, forward-thinking, creative and passionate.   The session itself was moving, relaxing and enjoyable.    I have told so many people about what an incredible experience we had.   To be able to have such beautiful and artistic photos of the babies at such a young age is so special and to find someone that creates these images that you just melt when you look at, is so special.


A newborn photography session with me is always calm and relaxed.  I am super experienced at settling newborn babies and I never ever take any risk. There are certain poses I will not carry out because I do not consider them to be safe – such as the “froggy” pose, which can put pressure on the airways, and could result in a hip dislocation if there is an undiagnosed hip dysplasia.    Safety always in my studio!


If you are considering a newborn photography session with me, then I would love to hear from you.  We can talk about what I can create and what you would like.  I love client input.   Do have a look at my portfolio by clicking here.  My pricing can be found by clicking here.


If you are a photographer looking for newborn photography training then you can find my other site by clicking here!


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