The importance of newborn safety

The importance of newborn safety

The importance of newborn safety during photography sessions can never be underestimated.    As well as photographing gorgeous client’s newborns, babies, children and weddings, I also teach newborn photography globally.  My teachings *always* include newborn safety.     I always practice newborn safety when I am in my own studio and my clients will be the first to confirm this.    Babies are never put at any risk.

To that end, these are just some of the safety measures I take (In reality I don’t take any risk at all but it all comes so naturally that I can’t think of every single thing when writing this post!):


  1. The room temperature is carefully monitored and does not rise above 80 degrees to ensure baby doesn’t get too warm.
  2. Babies are never wrapped too tightly, to ensure that airways are not compromised.
  3. Babies are not over wrapped (wrapped in too many layers) – for the reason I do not carry out the “potato sack” pose.  (And why would you want your baby to look like a potato sack?!)
  4. Babies are never left in props unsupported. Babies move without warning!
  5. If baby is forward facing in prop then baby’s head is *always* supported even while the shot is taken, because babies can sneeze, startle and move suddenly.
  6. I do not carry out the “froggy” pose.  This pose can cause airway obstruction if the soft part of the neck is compressed.  It can also result in hip dislocation if baby has undiagnosed hip dysplasia.
  7. Baby’s core temperature is monitored along with skin colour to ensure they are neither too warm nor cool.
  8. I never ever stand on *anything* when photographing over a baby – there is no excuse for photographers who do this – it is very very bad practice.
  9. I always have my camera strap around my neck when photographing from above
  10. I don’t over manipulate babies – I’m very baby led.


Babies in my studio are cherished, cared for and kept safe.   They are your precious miracles and I always feel honoured to photograph them.


Daniel Langer is a hospital consultant in emergency paediatric medicine and I have consulted with him on what is and what is not safe – that is how seriously I take your baby’s safety.    Always always choose a newborn photographer who can prove their safety.  And remember a “newborn safety certification” given out by a photography organisation doesn’t necessarily mean that the photographer still works safely.     They have never actually *seen* the photographer work.  I am happy to put any of you in touch with my clients where you can have a chat about my safety values and how I photographed their precious babies.


To view my work please take a look by clicking here.  In the meantime, here’s the most gorgeous little cutie I photographed before the Coronavirus pandemic.  Super safe, snuggled in the most luxurious fabrics, on his back. Note how the chin is not against the chest, thereby ensuring the airways are not compressed.    Client’s book me because they *know* I’m a newborn safety expert and will never take risks.  Ever.

Newborn safety

To find out more, click here!   And stay safe!


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