“I’m expecting twins” – I love to hear that!

No, not me!  It’s a phrase I love to hear from clients.  “I’m expecting twins”.    What a joy!  I love photographing twins just as much as I love photographing single babies.  The sessions take longer with twins, as you would expect, but I can create the most beautiful timeless photographs.   I have twin nieces, and the bond they share is so special, – friends for life.   I believe they even had their own language that only they could understand.


When I photograph twins, I photograph them together and apart. I think it’s very important to photograph that connection that the babies have.  For me, twin photography is all about connection and I show that in my images.   However, it’s also important to photograph each baby separately, because each baby has its own identity.   Those who know me, and frequent readers of this blog will know, that I’m super safe.  So I don’t balance babies in props and leave them, I don’t manipulate them into the “froggy” pose (this can be bad for hips), and I’m very baby led.    There is always time for cuddles and feeds with their mama.   I never rush.  You simply can’t rush a newborn session, never mind a twin newborn session!


Here are a set of gorgeous twins I photographed.  This is a throwback image – as clearly I’m not photographing newborns during a global health crisis!   Aren’t they completely gorgeous?!   You could have images of your twin babies like this too!


newborn photography twins Bristol


If you want to find out more about my twin photography then email me with “I’m expecting twins” as the subject header.  I’ll reply with all the information you need to consider booking a twin newborn photography session with me.    To view my newborn photography portfolio please click here.  If you are a photographer and you are looking for newborn photography training then you need my other site – please click here for that. 

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