Mother and Baby Photography

Mother and Baby

One shot I absolutely *love* to capture is that of mother and baby.  It’s always an emotive photograph and a photograph which a mother will always look back on and think “aaaaaahhhh”.   Sometimes in my studio mothers are reticent to get behind the camera.  Often this is because they feel tired and so think they look tired, but with specialist lighting I can help with that.   More than that though, the importance of having a mother and baby photograph cannot be under-estimated.


Your baby, when they grow up, will definitely want to see images of you with them. They won’t care if you look tired.  What they will see is simply love.  They will see the bond you have with them and the overwhelming love you have for them.  The photographs I take are a far cry from those taken on iPhones.  I can photograph you so naturally, just interacting with your baby, just as I did in this shot below.   Look at how you can see the pure joy from this mother on looking at her new baby.  You can see that in that moment all she cares about is her baby.   You can see pure motherhood.


I really love this shot in black and white.  It’s light and airy and there are no distractions.  A simple interaction with baby makes for a very beautiful and timeless photograph.  It is organic in its nature.   It exudes happiness, joy, love and tenderness.  Wouldn’t you just love a photograph like that of you and your baby?   I would have *loved* one of these,  but unfortunately 17 years ago there weren’t any photographers specialising in baby photography in Bristol!


mother and baby photography

My message to all mothers is this: Don’t hide because you feel tired – you are absolutely beautiful.  You’ve produce a miracle.  That needs to be celebrated!  For more information about my newborn photography please take a look at my gallery by clicking here.

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